At Spane Buildings, we take pride in our commitment to the community by crafting unique and imaginative projects that inspire and delight. From enchanting tiny house replicas, our team thrives on bringing these special projects to life to support local charities. We support local business and make every effort to use local supplies/suppliers. Most recently, the team at Spane had the honor of renovating a building initially built by Mr. Spane on the Stanwood-Camano Community Fairgrounds, marked by a rededication ceremony which renamed the facility the “Victor Louie Spane Exhibit Hall.”
Tiny house replica built by Spane Buildings
Tiny house replica built by Spane Buildings

We Support our Communities

We understand the importance of community, as it fosters creativity, connection, and a sense of wonder among residents. Whether it’s a miniaturized world or an elevated escape, our craftsmanship and dedication shine through, contributing to the vibrancy and joy of our communities. See playhouses we designed and built and donated, proceeds benefited local charities.

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Announcer Booth
at Stanwood Camano Fair

Exhibit Center
at The Stanwood Fair

We hired Spane Buildings to construct a 30’X36’ garage on our property in South Everett. I can’t say enough about how smoothly the project went and how happy we are with the quality of the finished product. The company owner, Jim Spane, met with us personally at the start of the project to develop our plans and made himself personally available throughout the construction phase to discuss any changes and to answer any of our questions. The construction crews were friendly and courteous and kept us informed throughout the building phase, and took pride in doing “top notch” work and delivering the exact product we wanted. We have hired several contractors to do projects in the past and by far working with Spane Buildings was the best experience we have ever had. If you are looking for someone to construct a well made building you can’t go wrong with Spane Buildings.

- Vince Martinis