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Spane Building’s – Kirkwood’s Workshop

For nearly 75 years, Spane Buildings has led the way in Post Frame Buildings in the Pacific Northwest, creating custom designs and making our customer’s dreams a reality to share with their friends and loved ones.

Rod Kirkwood needed a safe place to store all of his toys.  His wife also wanted to add an apartment to accommodate more guests, and have their extended family come stay with them to enjoy the long nights of summer on the water.  Kirkwood chose Spane Buildings to customize his dream workshop and residential add-on, and he couldn’t be happier with the end result.  Listen to him tell you about his experience working with Spane Buildings.  Want to get your building project started?  Call us today for a free estimate:  1-800-310-2136.

Kirkwood’s Building Specs:

1,280 square foot Toy Storage (first floor) 40’ W x 32’ H area

Overhead doors = (2) 10’ W x 12’ H and (1) 12’ W x 14’ H

448 square foot Apartment (second floor) with cedar stairs, railings, and view deck

Siding = Cedar shingles

Cedar batts and decorative corbels (knee braces)

Composite roofing with custom roof cupola

Spane Buildings – More Than You Ever Dreamed


What can you do with a Spane Building? More than you ever dreamed!

In this brand new video, Spane Buildings shows a variety of structures they’ve created, and the amazing things that owners have used them for. We were shown a four bay garage on Camano Island that features a custom deck for the owner to watch the sunset. We also saw a monitor style garage with custom siding and metal roofing to match the look of the owner’s home. We saw custom roofing jobs from the Spane Buildings’ Roofing Division. We saw a custom motorcycle garage, a commercial storage building with a custom family living space, an event barn with a custom wagon wheel chandelier, a winery event center, and of course “The Barn” on Orcas Island.
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Reroof on Camano Island Part II – Spane Buildings

Back in August we shared a video of a Spane Buildings reroof on Camano Island. It was a residential reroof, using PABCO Paramount Advantage Laminated Shingles. I took another trip out there this week to see how the roof was holding up after the first few rain storms of the season. When I saw how well the roof was holding up, I was astounded. Check it out:

Even though there was some debris from surrounding trees, the new PABCO roof was as good as new.

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Reroof in Woodinville, WA – Spane Buildings

We recently finished this beautiful re-roof for Margo in Woodinville, WA. Margo was so pleased with her experience with Spane Buildings, she wrote the following:

A good contractor has competent employees.  A great contractor has competent employees who practice their craft at a level above and beyond those who are merely good. These are the employees who show commitment to the job. Jim Spane is a great contractor.

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Motorcycle Garage – Spane Buildings

We recently finished this custom motorcycle garage for Mike on Whidbey Island! Completely customized to what Mike was looking for, we are really proud of this one!

Mike said it was always his dream to have a motorcycle shop and a wood shop together. Now he has it.

Spane Buildings satisfied customer on Whidbey Island WA

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The Barn – Orcas Island – Spane Buildings

What does your dream workshop look like? Does it have a full living space including an entertainment room, an office, a kitchen, custom kids play areas, and bedrooms? How about a full movie theater? How about an elevator? Most of you probably didn’t think such things were possible! I know I didn’t! At least until I visited “The Barn” on Orcas Island.

Last week I took a trip out to Orcas Island with Jim Spane, to look at this beautiful shop built by Spane Buildings. The purpose of our trip was to get some video of the building, and to visit with the owner Bill Wulff. When we first got out there, I was blown away by the property. The Barn is set down in a large clearing. It was completely surrounded by trees, and at first glance, it looked more like a kids’ dream play area than a man cave.

Spane Buildings Orcas Island swing set

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