Want a more artsy, contemporary look?  Spane Buildings can help you design a post frame building that pops!  2019 is the year of modern looking post frame buildings that are versatile, functional and affordable. Our talented designers can make your dreams come true by building a trendy home or garage using our post-frame construction techniques. Choose from a wide array of customizable styles, materials and finishing touches, unique floor plans, roofing, siding, flooring, porches and more. Pick unique color schemes, like Dionne’s funky Art Studio and make your building look different from any post frame building you have ever seen.

When your custom home (or garage with attached living quarters) is completed, you will have an attractive, modern design that fits your lifestyle and your vision, designed to stand up to the elements, while using less wood and concrete than the traditional style construction.  Call Spane Buildings today to speak with one of our Estimating Experts and see how worry-free your dream project can be.

“This project was so much fun from the very start.  From deciding on the color scheme and design, to seeing the building come to life each day.  Spane’s crew was truly wonderful to work with, and they were fast.  The team is so talented and professional.  The project is our dream come true and we would highly recommend Spane Buildings.” 

Mike and Dionne, Whidbey Island, WA